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Who We Are


When the COVID-19 economic and health crisis hit our region, we began networking grassroots individuals, non-profit, business and public leaders in our region to reach out to members of our community, find out what struggles they were facing, and get in contact with them directly to help our region's residents find access to the resources they needed. We are actively taking requests from the community for assistance with any struggles they are facing during this economic crisis.

Every individual has needs, and every individual has resources they could offer to the network — which could be in the form of volunteer time, money, material donations, transportation, expertise and knowledge, or otherwise. Our goal is to pool our extra resources as a collective and redistribute those resources to members of our network who need them. At this time we do not have any major funders or sponsors. We are entirely fueled by grassroots volunteer energy and crowdfunding resources.


We are not religiously affiliated, and we are not a charity. We are your neighbors, family and friends coming together with an understanding of the ways capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy and other forms of oppression have failed us. 


We are anti-capitalist, anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-ableist, pro-LGBTQ+, and pro-immigrant. Although we see our work as firmly rooted in the project of building a more ethical and resilient political economy by nature, we do not require those who receive assistance from us to hold any particular political beliefs or affiliations.

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