Helped Out with a Move from Pennsylvania

A family in our network reached out to us about a storage unit full of their much needed items that was stuck in Pennsylvania. The cost of a UHAUL was out of the picture, so a couple of our amazing network members were able to get access to a trailer, a truck, and we fundraised for travel expenses. Definitely a great success, thanks to everyone involved!

Supplied Someone with Needed Technology

A community member was going through a surgery and needed an iPad to stay connected with her family during time in the hospital. We got an iPad to loan in time for their operation!

Helped Secure Temporary Housing for Community Member

Someone in our community was short on funds to continue their temporary motel living situation, so we were able to raise enough to help them guarantee housing and some more time to figure out their next steps.

Medical Emergency Fundraiser Goal Reached

One of our community members reached out to us to help a neighbor in need of life-saving equipment to secure transportation to medical treatments. We set up a fundraiser for this, reached (and exceeded!) our goal very quickly, and the equipment we purchased has been delivered. Thanks so much to everyone who helped!

48 Hour Donation Drive

In partnership with Blair Walsingham for Congress, we held a donation drive from April 15th to 17th in which every dollar donated to our Solidarity Fund up to $2,000 was matched! We reached our goal!
Thank you to everyone who helped, donated, and shared!

Food Assistance

With the help of your donations, our community members, and volunteers, we have helped many people and families in our region combat food insecurity. Every Monday, we send out boxes of groceries and other needed items to directly assist people in the Tri-Cities. We have been providing as many resources as we can since March and plan to keep growing and supporting even more people in our community.


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