Spring 2022 Fundraiser:
$6,000 for 800 People

Tri-Cities TN/VA Mutual Aid purchases and delivers about $30 worth of food and household products, as close to order as possible, to about 60 households a month, or about 200 people, through our Community Outreach program.


$6,000 will cover the costs of this program through the end of May, which primarily include shopping to supplement our pantry.

Can you donate or share our fundraiser to keep providing this service to the Tri-Cities community?

Building Mutual Aid And Solidarity in Northeast Tennessee & Southwest Virginia

When the Covid-19 economic and health crisis hit our region, we began networking grassroots individuals, non-profit, business and public leaders in our region to reach out to members of our community, find out what struggles they were facing, and get in contact with them directly to help our region's residents find access to the resources they needed. We are actively taking requests from the community for assistance with any struggles they are facing in this difficult time. 

Our network has evolved through all the events of the year so far and we are prepared and inspired to be in this for the long haul. Solidarity is the only way.

What We Do

Building Solidarity in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia


Community Outreach

Providing Food, Hygiene and Household Goods To Community Members Weekly


Needs & Resources Matching

We Match Members In Need With Volunteers Who Do Their Best To Locate Resources From Our Network Or The Broader Community

free closet.jpg

Free Clothes Pantry

We Take Clothing Donations, Fill Clothing Orders and Host Free Closets Throughout Our Services Area